Hungarian Cyber Innovators’ Show 2012 – A kiállítók

2012. október 2.

CyberShow 2012 is a one-day interactive exhibition of Hungarian innovative ICT prototypes and products, organised in the framework of the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace (4-5th October, 2012). The exhibition offers a glimpse of the best and latest of the Hungarian digital industry, selected by an independent jury of experts through an open national call.

You can see, touch, hold, and test the cutting-edge digital technology on show. The exhibitors have 4-minute pitches at 11.30-12.50 a.m. and at 2.00-3.00 p.m. in the Studio of Hall B, just off the stage hosting the pleanary sessions. You can vote on the exhibitors to help your favorites get the audience prizes.

The Exhibitors

1. BoadRee

BoadRee is an ultimate security solution for clients who would like to protect their online businesses. It is an automated online security software which does real-time penetration of remotely accessible servers in order to pinpoint specific security gaps. Boadree is a non-stop, continuous service which remotely tries to gather security information about the server(s) of our clients. The service operations can be smoothly adjusted by the client.

2. Brickflow

Brickflow is a pre-production storyboard and brainstorming web-app for prosumer and professional creative teams to playful develop, discuss and share multimedia concepts in a shared space.

3. Cloudrobot

TTTECHRobot develops cloud robotics for the toy industry. Our easy going robotics covers a cost-effective however cutting-edge concept which opens new perspectives in the video game market. It gives virtual experience with a robotic solution to costumers’ homes. Our technology enables the control of any number of synchronized motion robots in cloud.


The first step for a company to go global is to have the company website in different languages. But translating a website properly is time consuming, expensive, but most of all it’s difficult. Not anymore. Easyling, and thousands of native speaking translators behind the service provides a 1 click solution, that makes website translation as easy as abc.

5. FUture of TeleviSiOn: FUSO

Fuso TV is a revolutionary user interface for smart TV-s and connected devices. Since Fuso TV continuously recognises our media usage, provides us with all content, news, video, music being in our interest. Moreover, it recommends further content accordingly. As being interactive, products, services upon our usage patterns may come up on the screen and can be right away bought by  the TV remote. More information:

6. Graphene Nanomembranes

In the last decades the undiminished advance in the field of information processing technology was enabled by the continuous downscaling of the electronic devices. We developed a novel nanofabrication technique for engineering graphene nanomembranes with an unprecedented precision down to 0.7 nm. The long-term vision is that our method will enable a new kind of nanoelectronics based on graphene, where objects engineered with atomic precision will integrate into circuits and transparent electronic devices.

7. Gravity Personalization

Gravity IMPRESS learns TV viewers’ behavior and recommends linear and pay TV content. With sophisticated algorithms, it predicts what the user will like and serve the content, products or even ads that they’re most likely to opt for. On the user’s end, the engaging content and great discoveries are serendipity at its best. As Gravity R&D engages users in surprising new ways, it empowers its clients to maximize sales building on the user base they already have.

8. HoloVizio 80WLT 3D Display

We are always pushing the boundaries to show people what 3D should look like. There is certain disillusion around stereo glasses or some multiview systems with artificial 3D effects. Full-angle view is a milestone again in 3D technologies. The image that does not disappear, 3D objects that are solidly there as you walk around, give an unprecedented level of reality. The hologram-like 3D visual impression is different and this is what people expect in the future.

9. IniMat Platform

IniMat is a universal device, which revolutionizes customer care by automating services previously requiring clerk’s presence. IniMat provides any kind of customer services with combining of self-service and remote support. The terminals – above the usual ATM functions –are able to identify clients by ID card, print contracts, verify signatures, accept and scan documents. Experience the easy and waiting free customer care nonstop, whenever you like!

10. InstApp

InstApp, the instant app maker site builds Android and iPhone applications for events and more. Its user friendly design makes it possible to create apps to promote events, targeting the growing audience of smartphone users.

11. Jel-M

Jel-M is a mobile application, providing means to retrieve information in sign language, a mother tongue for many, related to a building, a statue, a piece of art, a customer service point or a form to fill out. By using Jel-M, any point or object of interest in an outdoor or indoor environment is made accessible for the deaf. Jel-M is in fact a complete system that includes the means to create sign language content, a content management system to edit content and create mobile applications.

12. JobCTRL

TcT Hungary Ltd. has become one of the most essential R+D companies in Hungary since 1995. This year the result of a 3 year long R+D program, which has been dedicated to develop a unique solution for enhancing corporate efficiency, will be introduced to the audience. After implementing JobCTRL companies may achieve 30% growth in economic efficiency. The system greatly contributes to the support of the management’s work as it is able to reduce the time spent on average leadership tasks by half.

13. Leonar3Do

Leonar3Do is the easiest way to create and visualize virtual 3D objects in real space while sitting at your desktop. Leonar3Do is an integrated software and hardwareplatform that offers a unique, truly immersive VR experience in the sense that you are able to see and interact with your virtual objects in real 3D space. Daniel Rátai’s project raked up six first prize awards at Intel’s ISEF in 2005, Arizona, at the world’s largest pre-college science competition, including the Best of The Best award.


Loki is your local map for taking a break and meeting new people. Engage your neighborhood by Broadcasting stuff you like, or find interesting people in your area by browsing local Broadcasts. Inactive broadcasts expire and disappear from the map so all the action you see is fresh and shiny.

15. Mcule

Mcule is a combination of a comprehensive, carefully-curated database of commercially available molecules, scalable search and simulation platform specialized to drug research including components from commercial software vendors and open source components. All of these tied together with a web-based user interface. Using our service, researchers can go through the virtual, computer-supported part of the drug research up to the stage where they finally order chemicals to the biological trials.

16. Mixgar

A social jukebox. It streams music that most people like at a venue be it a shop or a franchise unit or a bar. Mixgar is way more than a jukebox or a background music provider – it’s social, it’s interactive and it’s democratic – it plays the music the whole community likes! Listeners check in to a bar like in foursquare and they can vote for songs with their mobile. They can also log in with their Facebook account so Mixgar reads their likes and changes the playlist accordingly.

17. Mobilengine

Mobilengine is a cloud-based mobile field workflow management solution for enterprise customers. Mobilengine automates field work, makes it paperless, therefore boosting efficiency and management transparency for field worker divisions that work outside the office such as logistics, maintenance, sales, engineering etc. Our core product, Mobilengine helps field workers to become more efficient by providing data collection, reporting and data management on mobile.

18. OptoForce

Optoforce is a new and low-cost 3D optical compliant tactile sensor that is capable of measuring a three-axial directional force component as well as an incipient slip. The sensor is easily scalable (finger-tip or palm sized) and its compliant surface makes it prone to contact and will increase the contanct stability. It has a robust (durable) structure with a respectable overload capability, high sensitivity, high dynamic range both in the time and force domain at low noise operation.

19. RemoteSense

RemoteSense is an innovative wireless mesh networking technology suitable for a wide variety of applications from smart metering solutions to environmental monitoring, medical sensors, intelligent home and automatization. RemoteSense is the the answer to the need for an energy efficient, long range and secure wireless solution. Utilizing the Internet of Things approach, RemoteSense is an extensible, easy to install M2M technology that makes remote control and data collection the natural part of everyday life.

20. ReSoNo

Noise maps currently serve statistical purposes only. By contrast, our Real-time Source-selective Noise monitoring and mapping system raises noise mapping to a higher level. While current systems cannot distinguish effectively between subcomponents of a particular noise, our monitoring stations record the noise source by source separately, in order to refresh the maps continuously using real-time noise monitoring data. We achieve this by integrating the intelligence of an operator into an unattended monitoring station.

21. TeleNyugi

Our system consists of simple devices placed in the users home, a server for data storage/evaluation and an android application for the relatives. The information from the user devices are stored on the server and the data collected can be viewed remotely. Based on the activities and physiological information gathered from the devices, the “TeleNyugi” system gives an overall-evaluation of the users health/daily living condition.

22. Tresorit

Tresorit is a strong cryptographic tool, which allows you to share files and collaborate with an easy to use, fast, end-to-end encryption. With Tresorit patented technology, you can synchronize folders, and all files are encrypted before they leave your computer. This technology provides that you can share the encrypted content with your colleagues and only they will be able to decrypt the files. This means that even the cloud storage provider or any Tresorit engineer cannot decipher your data.

23. WebCam Laboratory

Intellisense’s flagship product is WebCam Laboratory, an award winning webcam based natural science exploration and data logging laboratory allowing students and teachers to undertake substantial scientific experiments in the classroom and at home, by using the software and a simple webcam. The compound of its six functions results in a fully equipped, cost effective science laboratory that makes science studies fun and engaging, sparking students’ instinctive curiosity towards nature.

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